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There are plenty of advantages to working with TLV Developers, including our sustainable approach to development, the high quality of our work product, and the ability to quickly implement any real estate vision.

We also offer an experienced team of designers and builders with a lot of experience.

On top of all that, we have an international scope that allows us to develop properties in virtually any location in Europe. TLV Developers is out to change the game by providing investors with opportunities that are not just limited to Europe, but all parts of the world. We’re currently active in over 50 projects across our various regions- all chosen strategically.

We also develop property management systems and provide full support for property management for owners of all sizes. TLV Developers has a team of the best property managers, designers, engineers, finance experts and project managers in the field.

Our professionals are driven by an understanding that satisfying each client’s needs is paramount to success.

our Team

    Zahi Moshe

    Founder / Partner

      Etai Porat

      Managing Partner

        Christopher Rossi

        Marketing Manager

          Nasia Papantoniou

          Office manager

            Konstantinos Drousiotis​

            Project Manager

              David Kuchta

              Operations Manager

                Antonis Vasilopoulos

                Property Manager

                  Stella Andrelli


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